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Grow Sales With Eco-Friendly Products

When you sell eco-friendly promotions you need to know what to look for in a “green” product and where to find the right clients. These ideas and items will grow your sales.

It’s the time of year, more than ever, that people think green. Not because of springtime or counting dollar bills, but because April signifies eco-friendly measures and hosts Earth Day on April 22. The event was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

You can attract countless markets with these promotions and the idea of living green. They’re very appealing to the millennial generation who have concerns about the health of our planet. The education and university markets are effective channels to reach those audiences. Landscaping, construction, health-care and financial industries all have eco-friendly messages to promote.

Picking the right product that is truly eco-friendly matters a great deal to clients for whom environmental issues are a priority. They may require proof that a promotion has a green pedigree. There are testing reports and documentation that you can request from your supplier. For paper and wood products labeled FSC, there is documentation from the Forest Stewardship Council.

Work with a supplier that is willing to provide documentation and materials that showcase green products. “We offer a specific section in the American Greenwood catalog (Sprout-Tyme) and a website: www.sprout-tyme.com,” says Matt Wagner, National Sales Manager at American Greenwood. Its mission is to provide growing products that are made from sustainable, recyclable, compostable materials to the highest degree practicable. The paper comes from sustainably grown forests and is chlorine free. Any plastic materials used are made from either compostable material, recycled material or can be recycled. Almost all of Sprout-Tyme products are compostable and will leave no waste behind. Your clients can feel good growing these products and knowing they are earth friendly.

With hundreds of events surrounding Earth Day, including outdoor music festivals, marathons and clean city initiatives, there are enormous amounts of promotions bringing environmental awareness to the forefront. Visit Earthday.org to learn more about events in your area and around the globe. Sprout-Tyme’s plantable buttons, called Petal Pushers, are an excellent example. Similar to a traditional button, these are compostable and Earth-friendly with seeds embedded into the construction of the item. Petal Pusher buttons can be worn at an event and later soaked in water and planted. Plantable Pins are lapel pins made from seeded paper which come in 14 shapes and colors for every cause — awareness ribbon, equality symbol, cross, heart, dove, etc. A personal message can be imprinted on the back of the instruction card in full color, and they’re packaged in a clear, compostable sleeve.

Seeded paper coasters are a popular Earth Day giveaway and a trending product for micro-breweries, as it ties into their environmentally friendly directive. This dual-use item includes a full-color imprint to support the message, and the paper is embedded with 11 types of wild flower seeds to be planted after the event. Plant a clever campaign idea with Pop Up Starter Kits. These come in a fully printed creative container, which can be opened, seeded and watered easily.  Before long, recipients will have seedlings to plant in their garden as a reminder of your clients positive message.

Selling these products couldn’t be easier. “Seeded products fit well into a variety of demographics and markets.” Wagner says. “They have staying power and give back to the environment. The recipient is given something to interact with, care for and watch grow, being constantly reminded of the message and brand behind it.”

He recommends selling seeded products to assisted-living facilities. This allows their patients/guests to garden when otherwise not able to do so. Or, Wagner adds, tying into a “growing” theme such as “Grow Your Business.” You can then approach the financial markets with desktop planters reminding their customers that they will help them grow their finances.

Wagner shares a case history to illustrate the potential. “Recently, a dinner banquet was held to celebrate the merger of two companies,” he recalls. “To promote the growth opportunities to their joined staff, each place setting included a Sprout Tote Bag featuring their logo and planted with flower seeds along with a full-color seed stake in the soil communicating their message of growing together. Each employee was able to take the Sprout Tote Bag home or to their desk to grow the flowers and be constantly reminded of the opportunities lying within their prosperous merger.” The case history shows that seeded products are not limited to spring and summer months. Sprout-Tyme offers planter kits to use all year round indoors.